Houston based photographer and filmmaker assessing needs for commercial media including graphic design, photo sessions, video and commercial film making, and more. FRAMEWORK STUDIOS

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Photography From A Genuine Perspective
FRAMEWORK STUDIOS was founded in 2005 by David Diggz in Detroit, Michigan. As a young man growing up David was an admirer and supporter of strong  women in his family.  Because of this, he was inspired to create positive images depicting and uplifting black women creatively. His grandfather was also a huge business and creative influence and encouraged David to create strategic marketing practices that would help to intensify small business development in his hometown. He reached his goals by opening a small advertising firm that assisted hundreds of entrepreneurs and small businesses owners develop their brands & image. David also consulted with many independent urban designers and musicians. As an accomplished artist, publisher and visionary David’s continued future goals are to strengthen black enterprise with positive quality imagery at affordable rates.   
"We meet all potential clients in a relaxed and calm environment and take time to get to know them, understand their goals and plan the best approach.  Our crew are fully trained specialists and attend regular training courses to keep up to date with trends technology, techniques and creativity. We welcome all and are confident our services will suit your vision every time." 
David 'Diggz' Wheeler